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"There's a ship out
On the ocean
Wandering aimlessly
It's been tossed about
Lost and broken
At the mercy of the sea
And God somehow you know
That ship is me
'Cause there's a lighthouse
In the harbor
Shining faithfully
Pouring its light out across the water
For this sinking soul to see
That someone out there
Still believes in me."

Taken from “When you come back to me again” Garth Brooks

About Me




Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Member of the Association of Coach Supervisors (AOCS)

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I have been Coaching Professionally for 15 years.
It all began in 2003 when I became involved with Tesco’s award winning Living Service programme. It was a Company investment that not only empowered staff but empowered me to further my coaching career. I fell in love with a job I had never known existed.

Point of Light Coaching

Point of Light is my Dream , 40 years in the making! To make a genuine heartfelt difference , one person at a time. I am passionate about seeing people develop and grow. Through Point of Light I intend to Illuminate Potential! offline logoUnlocking and enabling, whether that be as a Trainer, Coach, Supervisor, Mentor or EFT practitioner.

I enjoy using my personal enthusiasm for what is possible within coaching and supervision to help support and challenge change within the individuals I work with. I have a deep rooted desire to support anyone to take the personal and professional steps they want (or may not even have thought about yet) to make a genuine difference to life and business success.

I have an interest in the whole human being and work in a way that grows awareness and integration of mind, body and emotion.

I take pride integrating all my skills to create the best possible experience for the individual I am working with. The blend between all I have learned including the Energy Psychology of EFT and Reiki mixed seamlessly with who I am as a person means you will experience my warmth, energy, compassion and rigour in our work together.



lighthouse photo by Liz1I am married with 2 children. We live in the Angus Glens of Scotland and I enjoy picnics and fun days away with the family. I am an animal lover and am enjoying learning dog agility with our border collie , Skye. Fortrose is a favourite holiday location to try and spot the Dolphins in the Moray Firth and admire the lighthouse.

My other passions include Reiki, books, theatre and musicals. As well as having written my own Pantomime I love to go and see live performances when I can. The Lion King being one of my favourites. I have started to write 2 children’s books.

We all have our own stories and reasons for being who we are today. When my Mum was diagnosed with Cancer it was a life changing event. It impacted me in ways I could never have imagined. I have learnt a lot about myself , and how unreleased emotion can impact my health and I am dedicated to supporting others who find themselves on their “Heroes Journey” during the darker times of life. I have learnt that you can’t always work things out on your own and my Hero's Journey page is dedicated to thank those who helped me and offers a free Hero's Journey attachment that you can use to explore and help you think about what may be useful right now.

Click Here to go to the Hero's Journey page >>

It will not surprise you to know that I am also a Volunteer for Tayside Cancer support and am a Befriender for families affected by Cancer. In 2013 I started providing the training for the new Befrienders and am also suporting the Facilitators with Supervision. It’s a real honour to support TCS is this way.

Tayside Cancer Support


Qualifications and  Educationqualifications

Qualifications / Course Trainer / Provider Date
Emotional Freedom Technique Inner Energy March 2013

ICF Standard - Qualified Supervisor

and Mentor Coach

Coaching Development Nov 2012
Reiki Level 1 Ethereal Light Feb 2012
Heartmastery - Shift to the Heart Meartmath Feb 2012
Coaching Essentials Coaching Development Ltd. Sept 2011
Befriender for Tayside Cancer Support Tayside Cancer Support 2011 and ongoing
Emotional Freedom Technique Inner Energy Sept 2009
Stress Management Consultant Mindtech Oct 2008
NLP Practitioner  Power2Change May 2008
Tesco Internal Change Coach Trilogy, Interaction and Bridge 2003
Bed Honours Primary Teaching Degree   1995



testimonialsHow people describe me:

  • Amazing
  • Patient
  • She makes me think deeply between calls
  • Learning in an unexpected way
  • Non Judgmental
  • Inspirational
  • Considerate
  • Respectful
  • Big hearted
  • Warmth

“You make me smile and gasp exactly at the same time…you are more inspirational than most people could ever dream of being.”
Ayshe Pasha - Performance, Strategy & Leadership Solutions at AEP Consultancy

“I wanted to say thank you again for such a great coaching session and I am really seeing the impact of your work in my work”
Regional Business Manager - Coach in a Box Client

“Liz took me to places I didn’t know existed – my journey will continue”
Private Client

"I would describe Supervision with Liz , like being in a glass room where you are looking for a way out. As I explored options the way forward would inevitably become apparent to me. Supervision with Liz gave me the space to think through how I live my values of Care and Honesty with my clients. It was an environment where I explored the impact on my clients and my relationship with them."
Eamon O’Brien - Founder at CR&C Organisation

"I was swept up by the supportive coaching that Liz provided me with. She had the ability to make me feel safe and at ease following the path that the questions were taking me. Liz is very intuitive and asked powerful questions that made me stop and reflect. I still remember and use some of the comments she shared with me on our calls. I would highly recommend Liz as a Coach to anyone who is ready to take a look within to see what more might be available to them."
Sally Cashman - Executive Coach – Singapore

"Liz is a well respected coach & mentor who is keen to continue to grow personally as she helps others to develop & find fulfilment in their lives. Liz has a lovely presence & a warm, open heart. It has been a pleasure to work alongside her & to see her flourish in both capability & confidence."
Colin Russell - Leadership Consultant - Developmental Coach

"I have worked with Liz for five years and during that time she has demonstrated a deep capacity for learning and a courage to look inside herself in service of her clients. Liz operates from a value of fairness which I have seen her use to both challenge and develop organisational processes and procedures."
Danielle Marchant - Founder – Enabling Evolution

"I recently witnessed Liz coaching and I was struck the rigour of her approach, a combination of empathic listening and sharp questioning that left the client in no doubt that they had been supported, and yet, reflecting upon a perhaps unexpected but not unwelcome challenge. Liz has a deep care and respect for people and coaches with integrity and a passion to serve."
Danielle Marchant - Founder – Enabling Evolution

"Liz has a unique ability to simply frame the content of our supervision sessions and then use powerful questions and summarising to allow me to deepen my thinking quite quickly. I am always amazed at how much we cover in a short period of time and that I come away with enough to reflect upon and put into action.
I feel very privileged to have someone as inspiring as Liz as my Supervisor."
Cordelia Grant , Delivery Consultant

"It's not hard to recommend Liz. Her calm. Inquisitive nature makes her curious and her deep caring nature and interest in people makes her a perfect coach or support for individuals or businesses.

Probably her greatest asset is her ability to listen and understand. By focusing 100% on the person she helps them be their best and achieve more, in turn improving results for the business - sounds simple, but it's not easy to be selfless and truly listen and out others first.

This sounds like good common sense and theory, but I've seen the results Liz has achieved with people from shop floor to boardroom.

Because she's good. She can help you be better."
Scott Crowe    Communications & Engagement Manager at Tesco Customer Service Centres

“Thats the difference and why I would pick you. I feel I really mattered and made sense. Thank you for letting me be myself and experiencing the journey. “
Trish Patterson ACC Coach

My Personal Values

My Personal Values



Values, not pleasure, are what bring true happiness, and everybody has the potential to live in accordance with their values.
- Ethicability by Roger Steare

This quote really resonates with me. I believe that when we are truly clear and congruent with our values we feel balanced, alive and happy.

There are times in life when at best we feel “ok”, “unsettled” , out of alignment in some way. In these moments you should do a personal health check and notice which Values are not being met.

integrityNot clear on your Personal values?
Our values are the compass that guides us through life. Have you lost sight of who you truly are? I can help. Coaching can help you get re-aligned with your values…contact me now

I can help you.

My Core Values as a Human Being and therefore at the very heart of how Point of Light operates can be seen below in my Values Rainbow. I believe that when we live our values, in all that we do. We live with Courageous Integrity.


If you choose to work with Point of Light you will experience these values in our partnership…Contact Me

When you live by your moral DNA (values) then you can achieve the Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow.  Courageous Integrity and True Happiness!

I can help you.