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Transparent Pricing

In honour of Living with Courageous Integrity I have chosen to share a guide price for my services.

This is quite Unique in my profession and for many online services.

My prices are based on investment in my training, experience and values. I believe my rates are reasonable within my profession and reflects my integrity and way of working.

The table below gives a summary of the Prices that Point of Light Operates within.
This is for guidance only, so you have an idea of what to expect  and rates will be agreed on creation of the contract. 

Service Pricing Details
Personal Coaching £45 to £90 Per Hour including VAT

Based on personal income situation and employment. Rates can be discussed and lowered for

Students , unemployed and single parents. Please ask.


30 minute sessions can be arranged. 

Business & Executive Coaching £200 to £450 per hour (excluding VAT)

Rates can be discussed for Charities and Education. Please ask.


30 minute sessions can be arranged.
Travel would be an additional charge @ 45p per mile. 

ICF Standard Supervision

£90+ Vat for coaches charging less than £60 per coaching session

£100 + Vat for coaches charging £60 to £80 per coaching session.

£150+VAT  for coaches charging £80 to £100 per coaching session.

Your highest coaching charge +20%+VAT for coaches charging over £100 per coaching session. 

Supervision is required as part of your ICF application. I can provide that standard of Supervision.

Supervision is also best practise for any coach whether a member of a professional body or not.

I will take into account the frequency of your coaching sessions.

30 minute Supervision sessions can be arranged.

The scaled fees are to meet affordability for you and your business. 

Group Supervision Via Conference Call is a 90 minute session.

£150-£250 + VAT

In person. 2-4 hour session.
Would be dependant on location and travel time. Please call to discuss further.
Based on minimum of 4 coaches in Group.
ICF Standard Mentoring

10 Session @ 1 hour each= £1500+VAT


3 Sessions @ 1 hour each=£450+VAT

Can be bought as a package as usually related to accreditation.

For ACC and PCC application you require to complete 10 hours work with a qualified Mentor Coach.

I will provide you with a reference letter for your application at the end of a successful mentoring journey.

Can also be purchased in batches of 3 calls for any coach wishing to develop their standard of coaching. 

ICF Coach Reference Letter

There is no guarantee that the ICF assessor will pass application as they hold a separate perspective on the same piece of work

Send a 30 minute recording.

I will listen to it twice.

I will prepare feedback for you.

We will have a 30 minute feedback session together.

If recording is to appropriate standard I shall write a Reference for ICF. 

Other Services

Day Workshops  (up to 7 hours)  £800 to £1000 + VAT


Half Day Workshops (3 to 4 hours) - £500 + Vat


Design for workshops between £500 and £1000 + VAT 

Travelling costs @45p per mile and materials would also be chargeable at cost price. 
Emotional Freedom Technique

£45 per hour face to face session including VAT.

Based on personal situation and employment.


Rates can be discussed and lowered for Students , unemployed and single parents. Please ask. 

All Rates set regardless of the service happening Face to Face or using Telephone or Skype.

EFT is always done Face to Face.