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Simply put, Supervision’s purpose is reflection on your practice as a Coach or Supervisor.

Supervision is NOT Coaching

I would describe Supervision with Liz , like being in a glass room where you are looking for a way out. As I explored options the way forward would inevitably become apparent to me. Supervision with Liz gave me the space to think through how I live my values of Care and Honesty with my clients. It was an environment where I explored the impact on my clients and my relationship with them. - Eamon O’Brien - Founder at CR&C Organisation

I personally like the definition taken from the 50 Maori psychologists discussed in the Handbook of Coaching Psychology Pg. 436 – Michael Carroll

Supervision is “gathering the treasures of the past into the competencies of the present for the well-being of the future.”

This allows on-going professional development and can highlight areas for training, development or concern.

Supervision is experiential learning and creates the opportunity for you to do “better work”.

Take your learning’s and insights and return to your next coaching / supervision session with a different mindset or experiments. This learning cycle is continuous.

Appreciation of the bigger system, creating a new awareness or greater perspective of all that is. This will involve the needs of various stakeholders.

Supervision cleans up your practice by reviewing, questioning, considering, thinking and critically reflecting on your Professional work.

The Supervisor acts as the Gate Keeper of Ethics, ensuring the Coach is working Ethically. This is an accountability I hold with rigour.

Supervision can help a coach Transform their work and identify where he/she is the block for any shift occurring.

An opportunity to think about the broader impact and changes your insights will make to your continuing practise as a coach.

Supervision works when the Supervisor owns the Power of the Role.

The Owl is my metaphor for a Supervisor.  
Known for its wisdom and keen eyesight.  (It’s SUPER-VISION) An owl can see almost in a 360 degree fashion , can notice small things from its distanced perch and swoop down to take a closer look and closer reflection. An Owl is strong and still with wisdom to share. It can move almost silently yet swiftly to the necessary viewpoint. Working in the darkness, an owl is used to foraging in the shadows to bring something to light.  Very little escapes its radar. The owl has a powerful grip and will not let go of something important to study.



My Core Values as a Human Being and therefore as a Supervisor:




  • I will express My Truth with My Supervisee.
  • I will notice Truthfully my experience of the session and use that as a tool in our work.
  • I will enquire into the Truth of the Supervisee’s experience and that of the greater system at large.  
  • I will not hide from the “uncomfortable” but be Truthful with what I notice.
  • I commit to being Honest and compassionate with my supervisee.
  • I will give genuine recognition where it is deserved.
  • I will be open and considered with my feedback.
  • I will Illuminate Potential
  • I will be direct in service of the Supervisee improving their coaching practise.
  • I will ensure there are no surprises in our working relationship through continuous and clear contracting and boundary setting.

“If you lie, people will distrust you. If you tell the truth, people will dislike you.”
 Pg 106 Ethicability – Oscar Wilde


  • I will create a Fair, adult / adult relationship with my supervisee.
  • I will reflect on the relationship on an ongoing basis.
  • I will challenge the Fairness of the supervisee in their working practice.
  • I will ensure the ICF Ethics are Justly adhered to by the supervisee. I am willing to report, if necessary, any breach of those ethics that appear during sessions.
  • I see the Supervision role as Protecting the Public. Ensuring that the quality of coaches providing work can carry it out Justly and Genuinely.
  • I will remember that emotions play their part in what we sense as Fairness or Justice. I will hold emotions as data to help my supervisee Think about what is occurring.




  • I commit to working creatively with the Theory and Thinking that will allow my supervisee to go from Good to Great as a Coach.
  • I will trust their own knowledge and invite them to provide theories that work for them.
  • I will creatively bring my Expert and knowledge to the sessions to allow us to work in an adult / adult way.
  • I will pull upon any model or theory I think relevant for us to analyse “the issue”




  • Trust myself as the Supervisor.
  • Trust in the individual that they have the ability to grow and develop. I am there to facilitate their reflective practise to allow that growth to happen.
  • I Trust that whatever finds its way into the Supervision Session, is supposed to be there and not to avoid anything.  
  • I will create a trusting working environment that allows analysis of the Supervision Question.




  • I hold great care and compassion for people
  • I will create a respectful distance between Supervisor and Supervisee, allowing the space for The Work to happen.
  • I will create a safe working environment that allows analysis of the Supervision Question
  • I will hold the Supervisee with rigour and empathy as they enquire around “the issue”
  • I will utilise continual contracting to ensure the connection and relationship between Supervisor and Supervisee is appropriate.
  • I will role model care and compassion ...without rescue. Have belief in the supervisee; allow their capability to emerge with space, not rescue.



  • I will appropriately hold the light and the dark.
  • I will appropriately hold the fun and the challenge.
  • My humour is part of who I am and can allow me to connect and build rapport quickly and effectively.


“Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun.”
 Ethicability George Scialabba



My new Value. (Thanks to the work with Coaching Development on this course)
In order to hold Supervision at its most powerful, I will step into that Potent and Able space.

  • I will be determined with Supervisees who wish to body swerve the real issue.
  • I will courageously hold people accountable for their actions.
  • I will empower others, through our Supervisory work together to find their Potency and Ability.
  • I will encourage Supervisees to think deeply and courageously about their work.
  • I will be defining and directive and expect the supervisee to do what was agreed.
  • I will work with my own Supervisor to ensure Integrity of all the above in my work.
  • I will hold Courage and Vulnerability with mutuality and respect what it takes to access these as a Human Being.

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear”
Pg 108 Ethicability Mark Twain


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