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Business, Leadership & Executive Coaching

I believe than in another 10 years time no company or business will be without their Coach to help them focus on being the best Leader they can be. A Coach is a living breathing human strategy that leaders of the future willqualificationsnot want to be without. When you find the right Coach for you it will not only enhance who you are Professionally but also Personally. Coaches will be as indispensable as the most current range from Apple and you don’t even need to download an app to get the best from the experience.


Coaching is a growing Profession and I pride myself in the rigour and quality of what I offer , backed by qualification and experience. I am currently one of two PCC qualified Coaches based in Scotland.


I have 13 years corporate experience with Tesco from 1995 to 2007.

I held various HR and L&D Roles before becoming an internal Change Coach for the award winning Living Service Programme.

I left Tesco in March 2007 to pursue my love of the Coaching Profession. This is where destiny connected me with Coach in a Box.


I was swept up by the supportive coaching that Liz provided me with. She had the ability to make me feel safe and at ease following the path that the questions were taking me. Liz is very intuitive and asked powerful questions that made me stop and reflect. I still remember and use some of the comments she shared with me on our calls. I would highly recommend Liz as a Coach to anyone who is ready to take a look within to see what more might be available to them. -Sally Cashman - Executive Coach – Singapore

I have now worked with over 400 individuals as a Business and Leadership Coach helping leaders at all stages develop their skills and emotional intelligence. This amounts to over 800 coaching hours (Excluding my work with Tesco)

Please use my Linked In Profile for more detail of career history and business experience.


Corporate - Mars , Royal Canin , Civil Service , Arriva , Environment Agency , Johnson Matthey , Air New Zealand , NHS , TOLL , Costa Coffee, British Gas, NBC , AVIVA , United Biscuits , Vets4Pets , Virgin

Retail – Tesco (retail and banking), Sainsbury (Graduates) and ASDA (store managers)

Education –National Leaders of Education , Senior Leaders within Academies in England ,Head Teachers and Middle leaders in Secondary schools. I also supported a recently appointed Head Teacher in Singapore.

Charity – Regional Directors for the Red Cross and Senior Leaders for Rethink and UNICEF to build stronger teams and coach for delivery of accountabilities.

Entrepreneuers – Nesta , Next Practice and the Innovation Unit


Please use my Linked In Profile for more detail of career history and business experience

Executive – Retail Development Directors , Finance Directors , Regional Operational Director , Governance Director and Director of Operations.

L&D – HRBP’s, HR Managers and Heads of L&D

Senior Leadership – Internal Audit Manager , Head of Banking Operations , Head of Radical Efficiency , Head of Education , Flow and Logistic Manager , Regional , Area and Store Managers
I also have experience of working with middle and junior leaders , team leaders , small business owners , entrepreneurs , managing partners and Graduates.

These coachees have been based in UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

targetIs there a difference?

Part of me personally says no!

As a coach I am working with a Human Being. That Human Being may have a label and title that says anything from Graduate, Team Leader or CEO.

Executives are people too! They get lonley and hungry just like you and me. Everyone has a target they want to meet.

Being an Executive increases accountability and responsibility and yet when I coach a Team leader they experience the same emotional challenges and restrictive thoughts that can occur for us all from time to time.

The impact for the business is where the difference lies when you have a stressed CEO v a stressed Team leader. The cost to the business can be much greater. This is also why my pricing varies as you move into Executive Coaching. There is more at stake when targets are being missed.

Business coaching is a type of Development that provides positive support, feedback and advice to an individual or  group basis to improve your personal effectiveness in the business setting. Business coaching includes executive coaching and leadership coaching.

leadershipcoachingLeadership is about getting others to do things!

Empowering and Coaching your own staff. Illuminating their Potential.

Leadership coaching is specifically tailored for those in leadership positions where there are greater demands and responsibilities and you want to enable your team to be highly motivated individuals that you can delegate to.


When you go on holiday does the work happen without you?


You return to a list of half completed tasks?

Leadership coaching takes into account the culture in which leaders operate and how these cultures affect behaviours and outcomes.


Leadership coaching maximizes the coachee’s potential by assisting them to discover their values, strengths, talents and development areas.



Just 4 of the benefits of being an Inspiring Leader of People.

businessstrategyExecutive coaching is designed to help facilitate professional and personal development to the point of individual growth and improved performance. An Executive Coach needs to have one eye on the Coachee whilst holding awareness on the wider business at large in terms of culture and strategy.

Executive coaches work their clients towards specific professional goals. These include career transition, interpersonal and professional communication, performance management, organizational effectiveness, managing career and personal changes, developing executive presence, enhancing strategic thinking, dealing effectively with conflict, and building an effective team within an organization.

What type of Coaching can I get from Point of Light?

I am a Leadership and Business Coach with wide experience in Executive Coaching.Point of Light Logo
I also work as a Personal Coach to assist movement and growth for individuals.

Free Chemistry Sessions
It is very important to me that you get what you are looking for.

A free chemistry session either face to face or on the telephone can help us work this out.

You can experience my style and who I am and if coaching is the solution for you. We will talk about what you want to get from coaching Personally or Professionally. If it is a business need we will talk about the Return on Investment expected from the coaching.

I will be honest from the beginning, if I believe another coach or caring profession could offer you a better solution I will suggest that. I will not work with you just for the sake of it. In return I request the same from you. This way we treat each other with mutual respect.

target1What will the focus of the Coaching be?
I will focus where you need me to. This is about your journey and your development.

Part of the discussion may include:


  • Where are you now in relation to where you want to be?
  • What are your goals? Are they based in your values?
  • In order to get what you want from any situation, what are the areas of strength and what are the areas for improvement and focus?


It's not hard to recommend Liz. Her calm. Inquisitive nature makes her curious and her deep caring nature and interest in people makes her a perfect coach or support for individuals or businesses. Probably her greatest asset is her ability to listen and understand. By focusing 100% on the person she helps them be their best and achieve more, in turn improving results for the business - sounds simple, but it's not easy to be selfless and truly listen and out others first. This sounds like good common sense and theory, but I've seen the results Liz has achieved with people from shop floor to boardroom. Because she's good. She can help you be better.

- Scott Crowe- Communications & Engagement Manager at Tesco Customer Service Centres

By creating the focus of coaching around what you want to achieve we will have a clear purpose and focus. You will know if the coaching is heading where you want it to. That will make for a successful partnership.

clocksCan I hire you just for a short-term project?
Yes. Some clients want me to help them with short term specific goals or projects. 


Usually, however, the client keeps working with me afterwards because of the synergy created and the support the relationship provides in setting and meeting goals.


How long must I commit if I start working with Point of Light?
I would ask for a 3 month commitment. There is always the option to discontinue coaching immediately if the partnership is not working out for you.


I use a written contract for Personal and Business coaching.

costsHow much will this investment cost me?
The cost for Point of Light Ltd services varies depending on the type of work you are looking for.

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