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Simply ... What is Coaching?

Coaching is a process used to transport people from where they are, to where they want to be.
It is a journey that moves the individual forward to meet their Goals, Hopes, Aspirations and Dreams.
Coaching helps you identify the skills and capabilities that are within you, and gives you ways to use them to the best of your ability.

Point of Light can help you climb the rungs on this journey. Enabling you to Illuminate your Potential , clarify your heart’s desire and start the adventure.

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey itself as much as the final destination. We can miss the experience by thinking “Are we there yet!”


Liz took me to places I didn’t know existed – my journey will continue - Private Client


Who needs a Coach?

Individuals, looking for Personal Coaching related to:

Corporations, for coaching related to:

  • Organizations/teams
  • Leaderships and executives
  • Small businesses and entrepreneurs

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You make me smile and gasp exactly at the same time…you are more inspirational than most people could ever dream of being.” Ayshe Pasha Performance, Strategy & Leadership Solutions at AEP Consultancy

personalcoachingtopicsPossible Personal Coaching Topics


  • I feel like I’m going round in circles
  • I feel stressed at work
  • I don’t have the work life balance I would like.
  • I feel stuck in a rut , I don’t know what’s wrong
  • I’ve got some big changes ahead . Divorce , kids going to university can be supported with coaching
  • I’ve forgotten who I am and what matters to me.
  • The list is endless…


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